What Does WSG Mean On Snapchat

Find out what “WSG” mean on Snapchat and how to use it.

What Does WSG Mean On Snapchat chat

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Do you want to know what does WSG mean on Snapchat?

Social media platforms use slang and acronyms to make it easier to communicate with each other and to create a sense of community.

The users on platforms like Snapchat and Reddit are tight-knit and fanatical. The way they speak to each other may seem like a secret language to the uninitiated outsider, but it makes sense to those on the inside. 

Snapchat is gaining a lot of traction as a popular messaging application, and one of the most well-known acronyms people use on the platform is WSG. 

This guide will take a deep look into the meaning of WSG as it’s used on Snapchat, what situations you can use it in and how to use it properly without looking like you don’t belong. 

What Does WSG Stand For?

Urban Dictionary, an English dictionary for slang words and expressions, states the meaning of WSG is “What’s Good.”

There is another WSG definition, but this is the most popular and often used on Snapchat stories or as conversation starters with friends.

Questions like this are always a great way to start a chat with someone before you get into deeper topics. Older and less modern ways to ask this question are by using “What’s Up? ” or “How’s it going?”

Both questions were used more regularly in the 90s, but they share the same common definition with the new version.

Quick definition

WSG is popularly used on Snapchat when you want to how your friends are doing. WSG stands for “What’s Good” and is new of using “What’s up?” by new Snapchat users

What Does WSG Mean on Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms

If you use Snapchat to talk with a friend and they use WSG. If it doesn’t make sense in the context, they may use it with a different full-form definition.

In the pop culture context, there are similar acronyms like WGS (White Girl Status) and WSG (With Special Guest) that you may not know about.

How to Place WSG In A Sentence

Most people use WSG when talking with friends via private chats, but you can also use it when you upload Snapchat stories.

It’s a way to let your audience know you’re interested in hearing how they’re doing in the comments section.

We can go over a few examples of how you can send text messages using WSG. This acronym is used by most as a question also.

  • WSG with your exam?
  • WSG in the hotel?
  • WSG at the basketball game?
  • WSG at the Empire State Building?

Communicating With WSG in an Arrogant, Argumentative Way

You can be mean on Snapchat by arrogantly using WSG.

In the example below, WSG is applied as a figure of speech. Using it like this is not easy between two individuals, so most prefer to be silent.

Other times, it’s used by starting with a joke with an underlying threat. For example:

  • WSG? Should I beat you at Smash Bros today?
  • My friends told me you insulted the way I speak. WSG? We can talk about it outside.
  • Do you feel it’s a good time to talk about me again? WSG? We worked things out already.

How Should You Respond to WSG?

You can respond by revealing to someone what’s on your mind, what your feelings are at that moment, or give an update about what you are doing.

When a friend asks you, “WSG?” which is a Common American greeting, you can answer them politely.

Here is how you can reply if you need some examples:

  • Not a lot at the moment. I was out working and came back home. I will email my son and go to sleep.
  • Lord, I am famished. I haven’t eaten all day. How are you doing?
  • I’ve been very busy. How’s your new college course?

Embrace it (Or don’t try) if Someone Flirts With You

How you react to a flirty “WSG” hinges on what you think of the individual doing it.

You can talk back with acronyms or send an emoji sticker. If you don’t find them attractive, ignore them and confabulate an excuse.

Read below to learn how you can answer a flirty WSG message:

  • Nothing much. I am hanging out at the Gym. Want to watch a movie tonight?
  • I am swamped tomorrow morning. I apologize
  • WSG? You should’ve worn something cuter today. 

Alternative Definitions for WSG

If you see someone create a post to their public Snapchat promoting an event using “WSG”, it means “with special guest.”

Along with the expected people that will arrive at the event they are promoting, it means a special guest will show up, and it may be a surprise.

You will see it in either all upper-case or lower-case letters. Below are some sample situations to help you understand how the acronym is used this way on Snapchat: 

  • Live on 8/29: Dave Chappelle wsg Kevin Hart for one night only”
  • “Justin Bieber WSG/ Kanye West and Jay-Z”
  • “Come over to Yankee Stadium for a one-day event! September 30th: The Backstreet Boys wsg Michael Jackson”

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