What Does FS Mean on Instagram and How To Use It?

Learn its meaning and tips on how to use it in conversation.

What Does FS Mean On Instagram

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Do you want to know what does FS mean on Instagram?

Over the last few years, social media platforms have changed the way we communicate.

It has become quite a challenge to keep up with the ever-evolving vocabulary that people use on social media platforms.

Unlike other popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Instagram has a considerably high number of millennial and GenZ users.

These users have adapted their communication style to include a lot of slang phrases and acronyms in their daily conversations. 

One of the more commonly used acronyms on Instagram is ‘FS’. This guide will help you understand the meaning of FS and also provide you with a few tips on its usage so that you stay in the loop with the latest communication trends on the platform.

What does FS mean on Instagram?

‘FS’ on Instagram stands for ‘For Sure’.

As you may have probably guessed already, it is used to express determination and/or confirmation.

However, FS can sometimes mean other things (sometimes explicit) depending on the context of the conversation but we will be focusing on the most widely used meaning which is For Sure.

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How is ‘FS’ used on Instagram?

FS is used to agree with someone, express surety or affirm something on Instagram.

Due its versatility, FS can be used in a number of situations like letting your friend know that you are definitely going to be at their party or letting a loved one know that you really enjoyed the cake that they baked for you.

In simple words, FS is used when you want your friend to know that you are actually serious about going through with doing something.

Here are a few ways to use FS in a sentence:

  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be there for your dance recital, FS”
  • “I think this new movie is going to be amazing, FS!”
  • “I Fs will get the new iPhone this week”
  • “Fs, I don’t mind if you get your friend along to the party”

Don’t get lost in translation

Like we discussed previously, there are other ways to use this acronym, be sure not to misunderstand the meaning of ‘FS’ when it pops up in a conversation.

Since this acronym is typically not used at the beginning of conversations, it is safe to assume that you will not have to worry about misinterpreting the phrase.

But, it is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

FS on Instagram can also mean “follow shoutout”. A follow shoutout is when someone with a large following on Instagram agrees to shoutout another user in exchange for a follow.

You are now good to use FS in your conversations, Fs!

Now you know what does FS mean on Instagram and how to use it. All that is left to do is to show off your millennial vocabulary chops in front of your friends.

This is just a drop in the ocean when comes to using acronyms on Instagram. There are several other slang phrases that are used on the platform.

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