How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

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How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

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Do you want to know how to see who saved your Instagram post?

Most active people on Instagram see the value of growing an organic following on their accounts. To succeed, one of their priorities is to track how engaged their audience is with their posts. 

It’s also important to know which posts gain more traction with the fan base and which ones are ignored. Monitoring the number of likes and reposts gives you an idea of your performance and what you can do to continue improving yourself. The most accurate way to measure the popularity of your Instagram post is to check the number of people that saved it.

There are a few questions below you should ask about your Instagram account.

Is It Possible To Know How Many People Saved Your Instagram post?

We know you’ve landed on this page intentionally. You desire to know how many people saved your Instagram posts.

The first thing you must know is that you won’t be able to see saved posts with your personal account. Instead, you must convert it to a business account (also known as a creator account).

Are you Able To Check Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

The answer might confuse you, but it’s both a yes and a no. If you open a personal account with the Instagram app, you cannot check anything related to these numbers. 

Therefore you won’t be able to see who saved your Instagram post and how many people were interested enough to want to recheck it.

Instagram’s intentions for not allowing this are noble because they want to protect the privacy of Instagram users. None of the data for an Instagram post will reveal transparent information about how your followers connect with your posts on the site and your profile page. 

However, if the information is valuable to you, open a business account, and you can figure out the number of people that saved your Instagram post. Even with the business account, you won’t know who they are.

How to Switch From Personal to Business Account

As mentioned in the last section, you will need to switch to a free professional account to see the number of people who saved your Instagram post, and there is no other way around this. 

You will then have access to the audience Insights feature in the business account, giving you valuable data you can use to make educated business decisions.

The first step to making this happen is to log in to your Instagram account. In the profile section, click on the Edit Profile button.

On the profile page, click on “Switch to Professional account.”

switch to professional account instagram

Before you complete the process, you get an overview of how your account will change after you switch over. Click Continue, then click Confirm to switch to your new free business profile.

We recommend the first step you take after this is to look over your contact information to see if it’s correct. Then put your location in the bio area, so users know where you are and a link to your Facebook page.

Remember that you can click edit profile anytime and make all the necessary changes. Click Next to confirm all changes.

Since you officially have a professional account, you can now see how many users saved your Instagram post after you make it live. The stats won’t be available for the photos you’ve already uploaded but you can start checking for the new posts that you upload from now on.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

While you won’t be able to see who saved a post on your Instagram profile, you can view insights to see how many saved your post.

insta business profile page

Start by opening your post and use the insight feature by clicking View Insight to get the exact number.

Instagram business profile post insights

Other data for professional accounts include the number of likes, how many people left comments, the number of reshares, profile picture visitors, and the reach percentage.

These statistics will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and it becomes more vital if it’s an eCommerce website.

How To See Your Saved Posts On Instagram

If you save someone’s post on Instagram, there is a way for you to see it, so you don’t forget in the future. This area will be filled with all the people’s posts that you saved from the day you opened your account.

The easy way to find it is to click on the hamburger section in the upper right-hand corner, and you will see more options. Then you click “Saved” to view your list. Your list of posts people put up will be on this page, so you can review them when you want.

view saved posts on Instagram

Anytime you want to delete one from the list when you don’t need to see the post, you can. Now you should know how to save Instagram posts and how to access them anytime you want.

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