How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Learn 3 ways you can find out if your account is restricted on Instagram.

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Instagram is known for its dedication to protecting its users by adding a new privacy feature once or twice every year to improve their experience.

Some privacy features restrict or turn off your access to the posts, chats, and comments of other users on the platform.

Other privacy features include temporary or permanent bans, and it’s easy to know when this happens to your main account when you log in and are not allowed to do so.

When a fellow user restricts you, your ability to view their posts, comment on their profile picture, and send over messages remains normal on your end. It’s why it’s so hard to know if someone restricted you from contacting them.

This guide will teach you about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram and what you can do about it.

What Is The Definition of Restricted on Instagram?

Instagram applied this feature to give you more control over your account. With these restrictions activated, you can choose the part of your profile you want to limit instead of terminating all access.

Learning about the restrict feature and everything it offers users gives you the chance to figure out if your Instagram profile is on restricted mode.

Restrict User Search Instagram

How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram [3 Ways]

When a person’s profile is restricted, it’s not always easy to tell because it’s not the same as being completely blocked. You can still do everything, like see new comments, read Instagram stories, and view posts on a user’s wall.

You can also interact with a post by liking it, which will be public for all to see.

The only restrictions are the inability to post a comment or send a private message (you can send it, but they won’t get it) and see the user’s activity status. Below you can read about what you won’t be able to do if this happens to your primary account.

1. Restriction on Comments

The minute you become a restricted user, your comments on that person’s Instagram account are also restricted.

It won’t stop you from clicking the “reply” button under Instagram posts when you want to. Everything will look fine on your side of the screen as you use your account without any warnings being sent. The only problem is that you will be the only person to see your comments, not anyone else.

Any comments you post are concealed under a ‘restricted comment’ tab for the person who restricted you.

They can decide if they want to see the comment or wish to leave it hidden. By not approving your comment, the public cannot see it, which means only you and the user can know what it says.

Please note the comments you posted before being placed in restriction purgatory are not removed and are still visible for all to see.

Extra Advice

The best way to tell if a user restricts you is to post a comment and log in from a friend’s account or set up a new account. Go to the user’s profile where you posted your comment and investigate whether you can read it. Take this step immediately before the user has time to go and accept your comment. You will know you are restricted if the comment is nowhere to be seen.

2. Restrictions on Activity Status

When Instagram restricts you from a person’s profile upon their request, you won’t get any more updates about their active status. If they look at their direct messages, you won’t see the online status or the read receipt on your message. .

Check Activity Status

This is another method to find out if someone restricted you on Instagram. The first was more effective, but you can still try this one.

The first step is to enable “Show Activity Status Enabled” if you have not done so already on the settings page.

The way to get to this page is by going to Profile >Settings>Privacy > Active status.

After this, the feature is turned on or disabled, depending on your preference.

Remember, you still have the opportunity to set up a secondary account or borrow one from a close family member or friend.

If the secondary account shows you the person’s posts you couldn’t find on your primary account, you can be sure that you are being restricted.

3. Restrictions on Messages

When your messages are restricted, they don’t disappear but end up stored in a message request folder as pending.

restrict message on Instagram

The person who put you as restricted will not get your message in their inbox, which means they won’t know when you send a chat request. They must inspect the pending message request folder to see anything you send.

Even if they check this folder and see the message you sent, you won’t be able to see if they viewed it on your end.

Lastly, while in group chats, if someone restricted by you is in the group, the Instagram bot will send you a notification giving you a warning.

Send A Message

To test if your messages to a friend’s account are restricted, send them a direct message to see if they respond.

It might take a while to hear back from them, but it’s worth a try.

After 1 to 2 days, if you get no response, but their account is always active, you will have the answer to your question.

Wrapping Up: How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Your friends on Instagram might restrict you on their profile without you even finding out about it or getting a notification. You’ll not see any change on your side and the Instagram app will work like normal. You’ll still be following them and seeing their pictures.

So how do you know if someone restricted you on Instagram? There are 3 ways to find out about it and this article discusses them all.

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