YouTube Go : Google’s Attempt To Bring More Indians On YouTube. 

Last year on its 18th birthday, Google announced some specific apps for the Indian market. YouTube Go was one of them. And today after 5 months of its announcement, the beta version of the app has hit the Play Store. This app is for those with limited data packs.
It is available on Play Store to download. But before installing the app, you should know that it is still in beta stage and the app may contain many bugs. Let’s take a look at some of the features that are new from the main YouTube app.

What’s new:

Video sharing:

YouTube Go lets you share saved videos on your phone with your friends. Once your receive the video, he/she can watch the video without spending from data pack. To share the video user needs to navigate to saved video section and select either send or receive. If you select send, it creates a hotspot and let others connect to it. If you select receive, it searches for your friend’s hotspot and connects to it. [su_spacer]YouTube Go video sharing option

Data used and video quality:

Know how much data will be used for playing a particular video before starting the video. It gives you the option to select between normal and standard quality. As of now, an option to select HD quality is not available. But we can expect it to be added as the app is still in beta. It also gives you a preview of the video so you know what’s in the video before playing it. [su_spacer]Preview of the video on YouTube Go


As the YouTube Go app is an Indian specific app, it comes with all major languages of India. It gives you an option to choose between Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Malayalam.[su_spacer]language option

Offline viewing:

Just like the main YouTube app, YouTube Go also lets you save videos for offline viewing.

The app is very lightweight and is available under 10MB. It doesn’t let you subscribe to channels as of now. Also, there is no option to browse already subscribed channels. You’ll have to search manually in order to watch videos from a specific channel.

Ahmed Chougle

Ahmed Chougle is a Mechanical Engineering student who loves technology. He has a Diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing a degree in the same field.

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