WhatsApp Album : Another Instagram Feature Coming To WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been adding new features to its app more quickly than ever. Starting this year the popular messaging app got the status feature similar to stories on Instagram and now another feature already present on Instagram has landed on the beta version of iOS (Not the disappearing photos and text).

whatsapp album preview
According to the popular WhatsApp features leaker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has added a feature in its 2.17.20 beta version of iOS known as albums. It is similar to the album feature of Instagram in which users can share multiple photos as a single post. According to the information provided by WABetaInfo, a minimum of 5 photos is mandatory to create an album. Once the album is created and posted, it gives a preview of the first three photos and a number of photos the album has. Tapping on the preview opens the album with all photos displayed just like regular photos. The feature is disabled by default but you can expect it to get enabled in future beta updates.

whatsapp album

The feature has not yet landed on the beta version of the WhatsApp. But once it lands, it can be enabled for rooted users through WATweaks. WATweaks lets users enable the hidden features of WhatsApp. We will update the article once the features come to Android and can be enabled using WATweaks.

Few features that are likely to make their way soon into the stable version are an option to pin important chats at the top of the screen (copied from Telegram),  live location and option to unsend messages sent within 5 minutes or edit sent messages.

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