Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps Early 2017

Wallpaper is the first thing that anyone looks at when they have your phone. Keeping an eye-catching wallpaper can say a lot about you. Searching for good wallpapers online can be time-consuming. To save your time and to help you find the best wallpapers according to your taste, here is my take on the top 5 Android wallpaper apps available on Play Store. All wallpaper apps mentioned below are free to install.

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Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps:

1. Cuto

Cuto is one of the simplest android wallpaper app available on Play Store. Scrolling up and down gives you the plethora of wallpapers. There are no sections or wallpaper categories in this app. Short pressing any wallpaper display variety of options like download, dim or to set the wallpaper. Long pressing any wallpaper adds it to your favorites.  Pressing the shuffle icon or as they like to call it ‘Feeling Lucky’ on the bottom right gives you a random wallpaper which you can either apply or tap Random Again for another wallpaper. It also gives you an option to apply wallpapers on smartwatch face. The app is updated weekly and wallpapers added are hand-picked from Unsplash. It is first on my list because whenever I am in need of a new wallpaper, I open Cuto and it never disappoints me.

2. Backdrops

If you love vector design minimalistic wallpapers then Backdrops is the right app for you. The talented team of Backdrops design all the wallpapers found on this app. The wallpapers are exclusive and you will not be available on any other app. Swiping to the left gives you access to community section where users can showcase their photography skills. Only high-quality original submission gets approved. The app also contains different categories and collection to choose from. The only downside of the app is that you will have to pay for premium collection. Newly design wallpaper or the one that is trending is shown in a section they like to call ‘Wall of the Day’.  Swiping to the right gives you access to Collections and Favourites. With Meizu integration, wallpapers can be set to change automatically at a specific time of the day.

3. InsWall

This app contains 400+ high-quality wallpapers with more being added daily. This app comes with tons of edit features to make the wallpaper just the way you like it. Opening up the app, you are greeted with 5 screens. The screens can be accessed either by swiping or tapping on them at the bottom. The wallpaper screen resides in the middle. Tap on the ‘+’ and select the appropriate option to set the wallpaper. Swiping up gives you info about the wallpaper like category, resolution, size and date on which the wallpaper was added. Tapping on Web option lets you save the wallpaper in Raw. Swiping to the right of wallpaper screen gives you access to Categories while swiping left gives access to Favorites. You also get an option known as ‘Tint Screen’ at the extreme right which you can use to create your own two color mix wallpaper.

4. Google Wallpaper

It is a lightweight single screen wallpaper app from Google. It doesn’t have tons of categories like its competitors. You get categories named as earth, landscapes, cityscapes, life, and textures. All wallpapers on this app are high quality. On the main screen at the top, your home screen and lock screen wallpapers are shown. It also gives an option to choose wallpapers from your device. Setting up a wallpaper is very easy. Tap on the wallpaper and select “Set as wallpaper” option from the top. You can also set it to change your wallpapers automatically from a specific category. Tap on the first tile from a specific category to turn on this option. It also doesn’t give any options to edit wallpaper before applying.

5. Tapet

Unlike all other wallpaper apps, Tapet does not require Internet access. Wallpapers are automatically generated from different patterns. Wallpapers can be set to update automatically on an hourly or daily basis. Swiping up generates a new wallpaper. The color of that wallpaper can be changed by swiping right. Keeping the same color, the pattern can be changed by swiping left. The app lets you choose from 90 different patterns. Purchasing the pro version lets you select how often you want to see each pattern.


Download Links:

  1. Cuto (Free)
  2. Backdrops Wallpapers (Free)
  3. InsWall (Free)
  4. Google Wallpapers (Free)
  5. Tapet (Free)

Honorable mention:

  1. Mysplash (Free)
  2. nowPaper (Paid)
  3. Absolutely Wallpapers (Free)

If you think we missed any of your favorite android wallpaper apps, do let us know in the comments section below.

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