How To Fix ‘This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine-Build 7600/7601’ Error

This copy of windows is not genuine can get even more annoying when it strikes at times you least expected. I bet on the first encounter you will feel like a criminal. Microsoft is, without doubt, the most dominant software company when it comes to PC operating system market capture. Its dominance benefits largely from the development, manufacturing, licensing and sales of Computer Software. The Windows operating system, an easy to use and configure without much expertise is undoubtedly what many of us are using it in achieving day to day processes that require the use of computers.

Microsoft is the official manufacturer and distributor of the Windows operating system, to mean, it’s responsible for the licensing of its copy of Windows to ascertain genuineness. It’s also responsible for the issue of regular updates to its genuine copy of Windows among many other privileges a genuine windows holder may be entitled to. It’s therefore important for any individual in possession of Microsoft’s copy of windows to have it in accordance with the law that is, do all you can to avoid being prosecuted for counterfeiting.

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Keep off this copy of Windows is not genuine

I am aware that you came across this post because you were looking for a solution to a problem similar to what is highlighted as the headline of this article. This copy of windows is not genuine is a real havoc. I will guide you on a trick on how to resolve such a case scenario of “this copy of windows is not genuine”. POINT-BLANK: Please note that this post is only for educational purposes.


Always get a genuine copy of Windows from Microsoft. Microsoft has an online support platform for any of its products. You might risk prosecution or even spent more money than the cost of the genuine copy of Windows in instances where you are subjected to the rule of law.

Remember you are at a great advantage and on the safest side with a genuine copy. This applies to any other software as per the policy safeguarding its ownership and distribution.

THE HICCUP: This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

You have got enough of the real talk and now to some fishy stuff.

If you knowingly installed a copy of pirated Windows be assured it will only run for some few months and Microsoft will on occasions greet you with this error. “This copy of windows is not genuine” and your screen may go black or even blank. It simply means that Microsoft has detected that you might be running a counterfeit of their product.

You can probably ‘erase’ the error log but only for a specific period of time which after Microsoft will be back to haunt you. This registry tweak can only allow you to carry on for a period of 1 year on the maximum and 30 days on the minimum. Either, this trick doesn’t convert your non-genuine copy to genuine; you are just simply postponing a problem. With this trick, you start by the least value towards to being granted the 360 day period.

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Fix Error ‘This Copy Of Windows is not Genuine’ by using slmgr-rearm command.

1. Click on Start Menu and type ‘cmd‘ in the search field.

2. Right click on command prompt and select Run as an Administrator.

3. Type slmgr-rearm then hit enter and allow the computer to restart to update the changes. You just earned yourself 30 more days.

You can perform this registry tweak for a maximum of three times only which equates you to 120 days. I guess you’ll still want to enjoy more days of this. In the area I come from there’s this belief that free things are sweet, I am not sure about this but do I say.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

As you plan to carry out this rearming bear in mind that there are things you’ll have to forego. So it’s better still you got a genuine copy of Windows. The fact that you are not using a genuine OS, you are not authorized to get updates. With the updates set to automatic you continue getting the frustration and therefore I will recommend you cut off the relationship and select within Windows update panel to never check for updates. Turning off the updates means you are not part of Microsoft’s regular issue of updates neither is it accountable for any damage your OS might undergo while you are using.

Steps to turn of off automatic updates:

1. Click Start and go to Control Panel.

2. From the options, click on Windows Update.

3. Click on Change Settings from the left side options.

4. Change update option from ‘Install updates automatically (recommended)’ to ‘Never check for updates (not recommended)’ and click OK.

To close this talk, I recommend you to buy a genuine copy of Operating System. Use the latest version of OS and any other software. Hackers are the brightest, but still, if you want to be exposed, judge not Microsoft Windows for they are doing their best in terms of release of updates. That’s an essential thing you will be missing with your non-genuine copy of Windows.

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