How To Get Rid of Storage Space Running Out Error

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You probably are one of those stuck on that device with less internal storage and no SD card support. Even if your device does have an SD card support…less internal memory means inviting problems! You are perhaps reading this article because your device has run out of internal storage. Even if it hasn’t, you’re still getting the Storage Space Running Out notification. There can be many reasons for this problem and it can be a real pain in the ass.

However, you’re (probably) at the right place and we might just help you get rid of this.

Steps To Get Rid Of Storage Space Running Out

Step 1: Uninstalling Useless Apps

Uninstall all those useless apps that have been eating up your memory. Now that you have run out of memory, you will actually find some useless apps that you don’t need anymore. Disable those system apps that you hardly use, as one can’t uninstall their system apps unless the device is rooted.

Step 2: Switching to Progressive Web Apps

There are apps like Facebook, Twitter and Shazam that you might use daily. These apps also have a Lite version available which requires less space and also come with most of the useful features from the main app. Most Lite versions are also designed to work with slow internet speeds like 2G.

If these Lite apps are not available in your country, you can still get them by a trick. You just need a browser for that.

How to Add a Progressive Web App

1. Check the app version of your Chrome browser and update it to the latest version ie. Chrome 57 and later.

2. Open Chrome and enter the mobile based URL of the app whose lite version you want, example: , etc.

3. Tap on the three dots on the upper right corner and select Add to Home screen and then again select Add. The lite web based version of the app will be added to your home screen.

4. When opening up the app for the first time, you will get a pop-up for some apps like Facebook to enable notification. Tap Allow to receive notifications.

5. Almost all frequently used apps like Twitter, Facebook, reditt, Instagram and Telegram can be added.

Step 2: Clear Cache

Go and clear your cache! Starting with cache, it is something that your phone stores for faster loading times of apps and photos in the future. Clearing your cache won’t do any harm to your device so don’t worry, your files are safe.

You can delete your cache from Settings > Storage and Memory > Cached data.

Step 3: Cloud Backup

Deleting images and videos. If you are active on messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp then you might be receiving dozens of images and videos every day. We completely understand that you love your memes and we mean no harm, but then there’s that part of your media which is completely useless. Open up a good gallery app and start deleting those images and videos. If those images are needed for future reference then uploading them to cloud would be a great alternative. Apps like Dropbox and Google Photos will do the job for you.


Step 4: Junk Deleter

Using 3rd party apps like SD Maid will help you find out those useless files that are eating up your phone’s storage. You can also use apps like Link2SD to move apps from your phone to your SD card. This requires your phone to be rooted, if you do not know what Root is then you can know more about it over here.

Also, there’s another app named as Magic Cleaner which helps the user to delete all those extra images in their gallery. To keep it short, it removes those duplicate images and those numerous selfies that you take before getting the perfect one. To know more about this app we suggest you read this article.

In the end, we’d like to say that the above solutions are not permanent. The Storage Space Running Out notification might pop up after a few weeks or so as your memory builds up. The best solution would be to buy a new phone with sufficient storage that fits your budget.
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