How To Stop Annoying Full Screen Jio Ads

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Jio has taken the telecom industry by storm by giving free internet for almost a year to its users. Jio has started charging its user after the end of the free trial. To convert its free users to paid users, Jio started showing full screen advertisements to users that have Jio apps such as MyJio, JioMusic, JioCinema installed on their phone.

Showing ads sometimes is ok but what Jio does is annoying. Uninstalling all Jio apps is the solution one can opt for but you will miss the services those apps offer. A better solution will be to change the settings of these apps. While installing these Jio’s suite of services, you give them permission to overlay content on any other application.

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To stop ads completely, you will have to change settings permission of all apps. To do so, follow the steps given in this guide.

Steps To Stop Annoying Full Screen Jio Ads

The steps given below will be same for all Jio apps.

  1. Head over to the phone’s settings and scroll down to Apps. In Apps, scroll down to the Jio app of your choice and tap on it.
  2. Scroll down in the app setting to the advanced section and change “draw over other apps” setting to “No”.

If the above steps do not work for you, follow the steps below.

  1. Similar to above method, go to phone’s settings and tap on Apps option. In apps, scroll down to the Jio app of your choice and tap on it.
  2. In the app setting, go to the Data Usage and toggle off the background data.

The above two methods should stop Jio from showing you those annoying full screen ads.

If you only use MyJio app to check your balance information and end up getting advertisement then you don’t have to follow the above steps. You can uninstall the MyJio app and get your balance information by giving a missed call to 1299. You will get your daily left balance and plan expiry date through SMS by giving a missed call to that number.

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