SoundPeats QY7 Review : Best Budget Wireless Earphone?

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We saw Apple going no-headphone jack with its new offering of iPhone. Rumors have it that Apple is planning to go wireless for next version of iPhone. That is both good as well as bad. Good because there will be fewer cables to deal with and bad because all the wired devices we have will become useless. Those who wanted to buy the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and didn’t own wireless earphones had to buy a pair of wireless earphones. Whatever Apple does, other brands are bound to follow the trend blindly. It’s better to be ready for the future before your favorite brand follows the no-headphone jack trend. In this article, we will review the SoundPeats QY7 Wireless Earphone find out if they are worth your money.

Price when reviewed: ₹ 1596 ($24.41)

I tested the SoundPeats QY7 for about a month before writing this review.

In the Box:

Opening the box, you can see a zipper case which comes handy while traveling. Inside the box, you get the SoundPeats QY7 earphone, 1 micro-USB cable for charging, 4 pairs of interchangeable ear tips, 3 pairs of ear hooks, 3 pairs of ear fins, 1 line buckle and 1 line clamp. These are too much of accessories if you take into account the price.

Accessories of SoundPeats QY7


Speaking about the earphones, they are made up of rubberized plastic. The plastic is shiny on the outside which is able to take the day-to-day impacts and still resist scratches. . They are a little bulky as both battery and sound drivers are located inside the earpiece. Both earphones are connected with a flat rubberized wire of about 50 centimeters. Due to its flat nature, the wire doesn’t get tangled easily. All control buttons are present on the right earpiece. There is a charging port on the left earpiece. The cap which covers the USB port is connected by a small elastic rubber. You need to be a little cautious while removing the cap from the port as in my case it broke on the second day of use.


The design of this earphone is sweat proof which makes it ideal for using it during workouts. The volume control button is situated along the earpiece while the main control button on the outer surface. Both buttons are multi-function buttons.

Various functions provided by these buttons are listed below :

Functions Operation
Power On Press and hold the Multifunction Button for 2 sec
Power Off Press and hold the Multifunction Button for 3 sec
Play/Pause Press the Multifunction Button once
Volume +/- Press the +/- button once
Play Next/Previous Long Press the +/- button
Answer Phone Call Press the Multifunction Button once
HangUp Press the Multifunction Button once when you are in call
Reject Phone Call Double Press the Multifunction Button to reject incoming call
Redial Double Press theMultifunction Button to Redial the last phone number called
Mute/Resume a call During a call, double press a multifunction button
Call Switiching During a call, double press the Multifunction button to switch between two calls
Transfer Voice Between Headset And Phone Press the multifunction button for 2 sec
Turn On Voice Prompt During the Pairing Mode, press and hold the “+” button for 3 sec until the blue LED flash 3 times
Turn Off Voice Prompt During the pairing mode, press and hold the “-” button for 3 sec until the red LED flash 3 times



SoundPeats QY7 works with both iOS and Android. To pair it with your device, hold the multifunction button for about 3 secs till you see blue and red light flashing. Tap on the QY7 name on your device and you are good to go. Once paired, it automatically connects with device as soon as you switch on your Bluetooth.

Battery Life:

Charging the earphone take 2 hours which gives about 5-6 hours of music play time depending on the volume at which you play the music. Apart from the sound alert of low battery, there is no way to know the remaining battery. You will need to install BatON to keep track of battery. BatON gives information about the remaining battery in the notification panel when connected. It can also be used with other Bluetooth devices.
The earphone comes with a medium-sized ear tip and hook attached. They were a little big for my ears so I went with the small ones. They fit my ears perfectly and did not budge easily. The earphones are lightweight and weighs at around 90 grams. You don’t feel them wearing for the starting half an hour. But once you wear them for more than an hour, you start to feel a slight pain in your ears. You can see the video below to see how perfectly they fit.

Making Calls:

It also comes with a built-in mic which can be used to take calls. And I have to say that call quality through the mic is crystal clear. Single pressing the multifunction button receives the call while double tapping it redials your last called number. It takes time getting used to these functions as other earphones I have used had double press middle button to skip to the next song.


Sound Quality:

Now comes the main part for which we purchase an earphone i.e sound quality. According to SoundPeats, these earphones come with ‘PureSound In-ear’ feature which reduces listener fatigue and generates clear sound every single time. The bass is at the right level, not so high and not so low. Mids and highs are also crisp and clear. The overall sound experience is just good for the price it comes with. It also offers good noise cancellation. You can barely hear the outside noise while wearing them.

soundpeats qy7 bluetooth earphone

Final Thoughts On The SoundPeats QY7:

SoundPeats QY7 are one of the best Bluetooth Earphones that you can get in that price range. Everything about this earphone is good. Be sure to check its price on different e-commerce website before purchasing as the price keeps fluctuating.

Purchase Link: Amazon

If you would like us to review any specific earphone, do let us know in the comment section below.

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