How To Remove Adware From Your Browser

Many users in search of a free software end up downloading files from websites that they don’t trust. You sometimes get such software for free. But you don’t get everything for free in this world. Along with those free software comes malicious virus that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge. Many times these viruses get installed on your browser. These viruses take control of your browser and track your search on the web or they just annoy you by displaying inappropriate ads.  Are you being redirected to a page on your browser that you didn’t set as the homepage? Are those annoying pop-up ads testing your patience? How to remove adware from my computer? There are multiple ways to remove such adware viruses from your computer and we are gonna cover that in this guide.

How To Remove Adware From Browser:

1. Check For Suspicious Software In Control Panel:

It can happen that you install a software and unknowingly install another software that comes bundled with it. Check for the programs in your Control Panel that you don’t remember installing. To uninstall such programs, tap on the windows key on your keyboard and type ‘control panel’ in the search field and hit Enter. In Control Panel, click on Programs > Uninstall a program. Scroll carefully through all the apps and uninstall those that look suspicious to you or ones which you don’t remember installing.

Here is the list of apps that you should uninstall if you find them in the programs list:

  • Browser defender
  • HD-Plus 1.8
  • Vplay
  • Browser Protect
  • Browser Protected by conduit
  • Delta search, Babylon
  • Less Tabs
  • WebCake 3.0
  • Yealt
  • LyricsContainer
  • VideoSaver
  • AddLyrics
  • Privacy Safe Guard
  • unfriend checker
  • Price peep today
  • Coupon amazine
  • Download Terms 1.0
  • Yontoo

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2. Use Automatic Adware Cleaner Tool:

If you don’t want to go through all the manual adware removal hassle, you can use this automatic adware cleaner tool. It is a free adware removal tool which will scan all your computer for potential threats. It will remove all adware from computer on a click of a button.

how to remove adware with free toolDownload

2. Remove Adware From Chrome and Firefox

Adware unknowingly install malicious add-ons and extensions on your browser and change settings within the browser. You can check the add-ons on your browser and remove ones which look suspicious. You should look for ad-ons which have names such as boosters, codec, video player, downloader etc. Below given are the steps to remove add-on from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

2.1 How to remove adware from Google Chrome?

2.1.1 Remove unwanted add-ons

To remove unwanted add-ons, click on the three horizontal dots on the upper right, select more tools and click on “Extensions“.

In the extension tab, remove recently installed add-ons that look suspicious by clicking on the trash can icon.

2.1.2 Remove adware link from Chrome icon shortcut

The Google Chrome shortcut icon on the desktop might contain link to the adware which open up when you start the browser.  To remove it, right-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop, click on Properties, click on the shortcut tab. In the shortcut tab, locate the Target field and remove everything (….) after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”.

how to remove adware from chrome

Note: If you have browser shortcut on Task bar, remove adware link from that shortcut as well.


2.2 How to remove adware from Mozilla Firefox?

2.2.1 Remove unwanted add-ons

To remove unwanted and suspicious add-ons from Firefox, click the three horizontal line icon on the upper right corner, click on add-ons. You can also open add-on page by holding Shift+Ctrl+A keys simultaneously. Once on the page, check extensions and add-ons and delete those that look suspicious.

2.2.2 Remove adware link from Firefox icon shortcut

Similar to Google Chrome, the adware link on Mozilla Firefox icon can be removed by right clicking the icon on the desktop, click on properties and then shortcut. In the shortcut tab, located target field and remove everything (….) after “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”.

how to remove adware from firefox

Note: If you have browser shortcut on taskbar, remove adware link from that shortcut as well.

3. Reset Your Browser

Note: You should only follow this step if all the above steps did not remove adware from your browser. This step will reset your browser setting to default.

3.1 Reset Google Chrome To Default

1. To reset Google Chrome to default, click on the three dots on the upper right corner, click on Settings.

2. In Settings, click on the three horizontal line on the upper left corner,click on Advanced to show the drop down list and then click on Reset.


3. In the reset screen, Click on Reset and then again click on Reset button on the pop-up screen.

3.2 Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings To Default

Resetting Firefox to default is a bit different than Google Chrome. To reset Google Chrome, click on the three horizontal line on the upper right corner, click on question mark option “?” on the bottom line.

2. On the next screen, click on troubleshooting information.

3. A new tab will open, click Refresh Firefox to reset it to default settings.

I hope this guide has answered your question how to remove adware from computer. If you still have any problem, do let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to help you. Also, share this guide on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to help others facing similar problem.

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