How To Post Instagram Stories Without Cropping Photos

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Instagram introduced the Snapchat clone known as Instagram Stories last year. Since then it has been used more on daily basis than Snapchat. Instagram stories now have more than 250 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s 160 million. Instagram keeps adding new features to encourage more people to try its stories. But whenever I try to post a story, one thing that annoys me the most is the inability to post wide photos from gallery without cropping it. With Instagram having no plans to address this issue, you might have looked for a solution and found none. Well, what if I tell you that I have a workaround to address this issue? Keep reading the post to find out how to bypass cropping of images in Instagram Stories.

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Post Instagram Stories Without Cropping Photos

Note: The below trick is performed on an Android device. The same can be applied to iOS devices.

The trick is very simple and needs no extra app. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

  1. The first step is to open the wide photo that you want to post as a story in any gallery app and take its screenshot.
  2. Now open Instagram and swipe right to post the story as usual. Select the photo that you took the screenshot of in the previous step.
  3. To show you the difference between the two cases, refer the image below. The one on the left is the original one and the image on the right is the screenshot image. Which one looks better according to you?

Till the time Instagram does not allow, you can use this trick to post the story without cropping photos.

If you wish to upload videos to story without cropping, try rotating the landscape video by 90 degrees, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Once done, upload it to the Instagram story. You can use Google Photos to rotate the video.

Is there any other trick that can be used to post Instagram stories without cropping photos? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this with your friends to let them know about this trick.

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