OnePlus 5 after a month!

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It’s been almost a month since I bought my OnePlus 5 and I’m glad to say that I’m loving it! Since it’s been a while for me with this phone, I thought it’d be nice to write my opinio about it and let others know how good the phone actually is.

Below is the list of updates that I received for my OnePlus 5.

Update 1: On 27th June Around 150MB Oxygen OS 4.5.3

This update was rolled out to fix the occasional Wi-Fi drops and expanded screenshot display issue. System stability improvements and camera effect and stability enhancements were among some other fixes included in this update.

Update 2: On 6th July 59MB Oxygen OS 4.5.5

This update improved the voice calling and optimized the battery drain for video recording along with some other bug fixes.

Update 3: On 20th July (32MB)

This update was specifically rolled out to fix the 911 emergency bug.

Update 4: On 1st August 310MB Oxygen OS 4.5.7

OnePlus released its new Slate font with this update. Added EIS for 4k video recording along with Wi-Fi connectivity and battery improvements. Fixed sound leak from the speaker using earphones as well as camera shutter bug.


The battery is good enough to last for a day with normal use. However, if you like to game on your device and use other social apps like Snapchat and Facebook then you would have to charge it twice before the day ends. That being said, the SoT’s that I got during these days mainly averaged around 8 hours which is very good. The phone never lagged even once in this span of 30 days and gave me little or no reason to complain about the phone. There are small insignificant bugs here and there which will probably be cleared in the coming updates.

One major bug that is said to affect OnePlus users is that the phone reboots itself when the user dials an emergency number, namely 911. This problem is not faced by all the OnePlus users but only a part of them.


Gestures and Bluetooth 5.0

I haven’t yet tried the Bluetooth 5.0 and its new features including the ability to connect to two wireless speakers. There are a handful of gesture options that’ll make it easier for you to use your phone including the Double tap to wake and Music control by swiping down with 2 fingers. The feature that stands out here is the Three-finger screenshot which not only takes a screenshot when you swipe down with 3 fingers but also consists of an option to take a continuous screenshot.


Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode

The Gaming Do Not Disturb mode is a wonder as well as it disables the home button and the back and recent apps buttons so that you don’t accidentally quit your game. This also disables all the pop ups as well and is surely a great feature to have.

You can disable the gaming DND mode by pulling down the notification bar and clicking on the Gaming DND notification.

Gaming Do Not Disturb


Opening up the camera app, you get to choose between different aspect ratios such as 4:3 and 16:9 which are common but also 1:1. You can switch between HDR Auto, HDR, and HQ or just choose to disable all these options. Video recording consists of 720p, 1080p, 1080p 60FPS and 4K. Other options include the portrait mode, Pro Mode, Time-lapse, Slow motion, and panorama. When you switch the camera to Pro Mode, you can consider the images to be as good as perfect. One can surely fiddle around with the Pro Mode to get better photos as it gives many options to play with. Some of them include white balance, ISO, exposure, focal point and the shutter speed.


Using the 8GB RAM version, I always used to think that 4GB RAM was more than enough, but I guess I was wrong. I was keeping an eye on my average memory usage and found out that it was around 5.3GB. I was surprised as well but then I thought it must be the background apps that must’ve clocked it this high. Some of the apps that were running in the background included Real Racing 3, SimCity BuildIt, Clash Royale, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and more 35 apps. I haven’t heard anything about OnePlus 5 memory leak issues as of now so I can’t really tell if it’s the apps or a bug.

Apps do keep running in the background when you open them up after some hours or so. This is expected considering the huge amounts of RAM that this beast comes with.

RAM Usage

My final verdict on this phone is that it is a great piece of hardware with all the top specs packed in it. However, OnePlus could’ve definitely improved their FHD to a newer 2K display this year, also a drop in battery life wasn’t what most of us expected when copared to the 3T.  That being said, if you are planning to buy the OnePlus 5 you should also try comparing it with the new Honor 8 Pro which comes with a 2K display and better battery.

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