How To Make Nova Launcher Themes Like a Pro [2017]

One thing that separates Android from iOS and attracts people is because of the customization and theme options that come with it. The home screen of a phone is the first thing that anyone looks at when they have your phone. The saying “First impression is the last impression” is true here also. Your home screen can tell a lot about you, so having an organized and unique home screen is important. In this article, we will show you how to make Nova Launcher themes and make your home screen look unique.

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and customizable launchers available on Play Store. It gives you full control over your home screen like changing wallpapers, using custom icon packs, gestures, and widgets. Some use it to get the stock Android feel on their skinned UI while other use it to try different Nova Launcher themes. Some of the features are restricted in the free version and we recommend you to purchase the pro version. The Pro version will cost you Rs.150 ($3) and trust us it worth every penny. This is one launcher that I install on every non-stock custom OEM UI.

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Apps needed to make Nova Launcher themes:

  1. Nova Launcher App
  2. Icon Pack of your choice
  3. Zooper Widget 
  4. Zooper Widget Skin
  5. Wallpaper App

Our Recommendation:

Icon Packs: Naxos Taz, Sunrise, Polycon, CandyCons and Whicons.

Zooper Skins: Ocea, Unity Widget 3, and Fox for Zooper

Wallpaper Apps: Cuto,  Wonderwall, Wallzy, Walli, Backdrops, and Wallpapers.

All recommended icon packs, zooper skins and wallpaper app free to try from Play Store.


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super hero nova launcher theme


Steps To Create Nova Launcher themes:

The first thing to do is to install Nova Launcher from Play Store. Another important app is the Zooper Widget that lets you create or apply custom made Android widgets skins. Zooper Widgets will take your Android customization game to the next level. Once done installing these two apps, you can install any Icon Pack, Wallpaper app and Zooper Widget Skin from our recommended apps. Once you have installed all the apps mentioned above follow these steps:

We won’t be covering an in depth guide of Nova Launcher, but only settings which are necessary to make Nova Launcher themes. For in depth guide, you can refer to this article. Nova Launcher settings are divided into different categories. Let’s start first with the desktop which lets you change different settings of desktop like grid size, icon layout etc.


  1. Long press anywhere on the home screen to go to the Nova launcher setting. You can also access Nova Launcher settings through the app from app drawer. Once inside the setting go to  Desktop > Desktop grid and adjust the size to 8*6. (You can try other combination to see which suits your taste best.)
  2. In icon layout, you can change the size of the app icons on your home screen. To do so you will need the prime version of the app. You can also change the color and size of the app label or completely hide it.
  3. Leave the Width padding and Height Padding options untouched.
  4. Tick the persistent search bar option if you want the google search bar to appear on each screen.
  5. In search bar style, you can select different styles of google search bar like Pixel style search bar, dark mode search bar. transparent search bar. there is also an option to change the color of the search bar. Tinker with the different styles to find the best one.
  6. In scroll effect, you can choose different scroll effect for home screen scrolling. Also, you can choose scrolling, reverse scrolling and no scrolling for your wallpaper. Infinite scrolling will let you do infinite scroll in either direction.

Next up is the app drawer settings which lets you change grid size, background settings, icon layout etc.

Minimal Nova theme

App & Widget Drawer

  1. Next, go to the App and Widget drawer and adjust the grid size to 5*5. Next, under background transparency set the app drawer’s transparency to 100%.
  2. Like in Desktop, you can change the icon size in the app drawer. Toggle on and off to show frequently used apps at the top of the app drawer.
  3. In App Drawer style, choose whether you want apps to appear vertically downward, horizontal swipe pages or as vertical list categorized by the first letter.
  4. To make your app drawer style similar to Pixel Launcher, toggle on the swipe to open option.
  5. You can also create tabs in your app drawer based on categories such as social, games, productivity etc. To do that toggle on the tab bar option and scroll down below and tap on “Drawer Groups” and create the new tabs that you want. Note that creating custom tab comes with the prime version, but you do get some default tabs like Play Store app and search option.

Next up is the Dock which is located at the bottom of your home screen. Dock setting lets you change the number of apps to be shown in the dock, number of pages, icon layout etc.


  1. Under dock, you can create up to 5 pages which can be accessed by swiping right or left. The number of icons on the dock can also be changed under “Dock Icons”.
  2. You can also toggle off the button at the top right corner if you want to remove the dock from your home screen to get a complete minimal look.

The next and final setting is the Look & Feel, which lets you change the look of icons, app drawer style etc.

Look & Feel

  1. Next, under Look and Feel > Icon theme select the Icon Pack that you have installed from our recommended apps or an app of your choice.
  2. Toggle on and off the swipe to open option if you want the Pixel style app drawer.
  3. Leave the rest of the options to default.

Now that tinkering with Nova launcher settings is done, it is time for us to try different Zooper skins which will take your customization game to the next level.

Zooper Widget Setting And Wallpaper

  1. Install Zooper Widget (Pro/Free) and any zooper skin.
  2. Long press on home screen > Widgets and select zooper widget of appropriate size (3*2 in my case) and place it on your home screen.
  3. Tap on the widget and select the skin that you like.
  4. Resize the widget and place it in the appropriate place.
  5. Now that everything is done, apply a good wallpaper to make the Nova theme look cooler.

Note: To disable the opening of zooper widget settings when you tap on it, tap on the widget and scroll down to the option Widget OnTap Action. Tap on it and select Disabled (Locked).

Here are some Nova Themes to give you an idea of how dope it can look:Android home screen set ups

Android home screen set up with icon pack and zooper widget

Android home screen set up with minimal zooper widget

Share with us your Nova Launcher themes to get featured on our social media. Also do let us know your favorite apps for icon packs, zooper widgets, and wallpaper in the comment section below. If you find the guide helpful, share it on social media.

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