Why Do Smart Phone Manufacturers Prefer Internal Storage Over External Storage?

Whenever someone decides to buy a new phone, one aspect of the phone that everyone looks at is the storage.  Does it have enough Internal Storage? Or is there any support for external storage? In recent times most of the phone manufacturers are launching their new phones with internal storage as the only option. What are the reasons that make them take this decision when they know most people prefer external storage?

Various reasons that make OEM’s choose Internal Storage over SD Card:

There are many reasons as to why phone manufacturer choose internal storage. In this article, I will try to cover the most basic reasons which make a phone manufacturer choose internal storage over external.

1. Read/Write Speed.

The most important reason is the read/write speed.  Having a good read/write speed leads to a good user experience with faster app load time. Internal Storage has good Read/Write speed as it works in connection with the processor. On the other hand, SD cards have low read/write speed.

With Marshmallow Google introduced a feature called Adoptable Storage which lets you convert your external storage into an internal storage. But doing so doesn’t make your external storage to work same as internal storage. [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler Alert” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]Once you set an SD Card to work as Internal Storage using Adoptable Storage, you cannot use it on other devices.[/su_spoiler]

Adoptable storage

Image showing option for Adoptable storage.

Read Write speed comparison of different class.

Read/Write speed comparison of different classes.


2.  Type of Data Stored.

The storage specified in the specs of a smartphone differ from the actual storage. Ever wondered what the reason might be for this difference?

All phone manufacturers keep a certain amount of storage fixed for OS and apps that come pre-installed (also known as bloatware) with the phone. This storage remains inaccessible with the file manager. Internal storage can hold all types of data on your phone, be it app data, images, videos etc. On the other hand, you can only store data such as images, music, videos on your SD card.

3. Data corruption possibility.

Internal storage works in connection with the phone’s processor and is less likely to get corrupted. While the external storage is always prone to data corruption possibilities. Removing and reinserting your SD Card can damage it. To keep the data on your phone safe, it is advisable to use internal storage.

Pendrives and memory cards

Data corruption possibility is high in SD Cards

So from now on whenever you see someone criticize a phone manufacturer for their decision to skip external storage you know what to do. Hope this article has helped you with understanding why internal storage is a better option over external storage.


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