Make Your Life Easier With IFTTT

How far do you need to go to find an app that automatically switches on the WiFi when you get home or send your wife a text message as soon as you leave work? Well, not that far! IFTTT is that app which can do these tasks for you automatically. IFTTT or ‘If This Then That’ is a  free web-based app which lets you do more with services. Services are apps and devices that you use every day. IFTTT was created in San Francisco, California and was launched on September 7, 2011. 

If you remember Tasker from early Android days that lets you automate tasks for specific action like automatically connect your home WiFi when you reach home. The tasks in Tasker work on trigger points which triggers a specific task to be completed. The trigger points can be in the form of location, cell tower signal, time etc.

ifttt services

IFTTT works the similar way where already created ‘Applets’ from different services performs specific tasks for you. It has Applets of more than 360 services with more joining every day. The popular services available on IFTT are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, Nest, Philips Hue etc.


IFTTT make use of the following concept:

Services: Services are nothing but the apps or devices that you use every day. Each service can let you create a number of Applets.

Triggers: Triggers are “this” part of an applet. Triggers are activation points for Applets. For example, send [su_highlight]#email[/su_highlight] and some text to @IFTTT on Telegram to email a friend using Gmail. Here [su_highlight]#email[/su_highlight] is the trigger which tells @IFTTT to send an email.

Actions: Actions are ‘that’ part of an Applet. They are the output of your trigger. In the above example, sending the mail is the action to the trigger #email.

Applets: Applets are the combination of triggers and actions. For example, [su_highlight]send #email and some text to @IFTTT on Telegram to email a friend using Gmail[/su_highlight] is a complete applet consisting of trigger i.e #email and action i.e send mail

It also lets you create your own Applets for available services. There are endless possibilities of Applets that can be created using IFTTT.

Here are examples of what Applets can do:

things that can be done using ifttt

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-circle-right”]

  • Mute your Android phone at bedtime.
  • Text your lost Android phone to turn up the ringer volume up 100%.
  • Automatically turn on your Android device WiFi when you get home.
  • Get weather forecast every day at 7:00 AM.
  • Receive a fake call to get yourself out of an awkward situation.
  • Keep your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures in sync.


If you know or have created any awesome IFTTT applets, then share with others in the comment section below.

Ahmed Chougle

Ahmed Chougle is a Mechanical Engineering student who loves technology. He has a Diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing a degree in the same field.

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