Keyboard Shortcuts: Do you know them all?

Knowing our way around a PC often proves to be easy and helps us in most situations. Having some basic knowledge about a PC is good, but it helps if you know more about it. If you remember all the keyboard shortcuts then it definitely will save your time and help you browse through your PC faster.

Trust me when I say this, after getting to know the keyboard shortcuts given below, I don’t think you’ll ever use your mouse. Unless of course, you are gaming, or maybe you just love to use your mouse. So here’s the list that I made-

Basic Shortcuts

Ctrl+N – To open up a new browser window or create a new word, excel, powerpoint file, etc.

Ctrl+C -To copy a folder or text and paste it in the required location

Ctrl+X – To cut a folder or text and paste it in the required location

Ctrl+V – To paste the object or text that you have copied or cut.

Ctrl+Z – Undo

Ctrl+S – Used to save the current file

Ctrl+H – Opens up the history tab in a browser

Ctrl+P – Opens the print screen

Windows+R – Opens up the Run dialog box

Give me some more

Alt+Tab – Used to shift between apps (shifts between the last app used). However, you can hold the alt button and then press the tab button to select the app you want to switch to.

Alt+ESC – Shift between apps (shifts between all the open apps) Unlike the above option, it switches between all the open apps irrespective of the last one that you were using.

Alt+S – Opens the saves as dialog box

Ctrl+Enter – Used to switch between the tabs open in a browser

Windows+E – Used to open up the file explorer

Windows+W – Opens up the Windows Inc Workspace

Windows+PrtSc – Used to take a screenshot of your screen (This PC > Pictures > Screenshots)

Windows+S – Opens up Cortana search bar

Windows+D – Takes you to the desktop, pressing it again will take you back to the app that you were using

Windows+Tab – Allows you to view all the desktops or add a new one (also used to switch between open apps)

Windows+T – Used to switch between the apps on the taskbar

Shift + Tab – Used to switch between all the options on the taskbar(use arrow keys to scroll to certain options). Can also be used to navigate through a browser.

Windows+I – Opens up Windows settings home screen

Windows + 0-9 – Used to open up the pinned taskbar apps (Example – If you have the Edge browser located at the leftmost side on your taskbar then you can press Windows + 1 to access it. This can be done for the other apps lined up after it by pressing different numbers instead of 1 according to their positions).

Windows+L – Used to lock your PC (goes to the lock screen)

Windows+K – Searches for wireless audio and display devices

Windows+H – Is used to share/save stuff on mail, OneNote, twitter or add something to Cortana

Windows+F – Opens up the feedback hub

Windows+M – Minimizes all the windows

Alt + F4 – Gives you the option to close the current app or might just force close it.


Ctrl+N – Opens up a new window in a browser

Windows+X – Opens up a set of options on the bottom left of your screen. (Also accessible by right-clicking on the start button)

Ctrl+A – Is used to select everything in the current folder or text file

Ctrl+T – Opens up a new tab in a browser

Ctrl+W – Closes the current tab in a browser

Ctrl+B – Opens up the bookmark tab in your browser. Also used to enable the Bold option.

Ctrl+I – Used to enable the italic function

Ctrl+U – Used to enable the underline function

Ctrl+D – Used to make a new bookmark in your browser

Ctrl+F – Used to find something on a page

Ctrl+L – Used to edit the browser link

Ctrl+K – Used to hyperlink text

You can select text by holding the shift button and moving the arrow key in the direction according to the selection

You can navigate a text file faster by holding the Ctrl key and the arrow button (skips words instead of just letters)

Also, you can hold the Ctrl + Shift button and then use the arrows keys to select words faster.

Ctrl + Ins – Alternative for the copy function

Shift + Del – Alternative for the cut function

Shift + Ins – Alternative for the paste function

Shift + Home – Highlights from the current position of the cursor to the beginning/left of a line.

Shift + End – Highlights from the current position of the cursor to the end/right of a line

Alt + Enter – Opens up the Properties dialog box for the selected item

Virtual Desktops

Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right – Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right.

Windows + Ctrl + D – Create a new virtual desktop and switch to it.

Windows + Ctrl + F4 – Close the current virtual desktop(Some people might need to press Fn key along with F4).


Hope that this list helped you guys. If you think that I missed on a shortcut then do let me know in the comments section below.

Ashutosh Ghodasara

Ashutosh Ghodasara is a blogger from India. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering alongside diploma in photography. Honest, friendly, direct, respectful and patient are some of the words that describe him as a person.

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