How To Get iOS on Android The Easy Way

Ever wanted to use iOS on Android? Have you recently switched from iOS to Android and miss the iOS experience? Are you bored of using Android (the probability of which is very less ;-)) and want to switch to something for a change? You might think that’s not possible but in reality, it is. Though it won’t be 100% same as using it on an iPhone, you will get the 80% of the experience.

Switching to iOS on Android won’t be a back breaking task. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. All you need to do is install three apps and you are good to go. The three apps are Nova Launcher, KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker, and iOS 11 KLWP. Both KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and iOS 11 KLWP apps are paid apps so you will have to spend a little money from your wallet.

The first app to install is the Nova Launcher app on which the theme will be applied. The second app is the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker which will be needed to apply and edit the theme. The third app is the actual iOS theme which we are going to apply.

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Follow the step by step guide given below to use iOS on Android:

  1. Once you have all three apps installed on your phone, open KLWP app and tap on the hamburger menu ( ☰ ) on the top left. From the options in the menu, tap on Load Preset.load presest klwp
  2. From the installed preset, select Official iOS 11 KLWP. Tapping on it will give you a preview of two themes i.e one with a bottom navigation bar and the other without bottom navigation bar. Depending upon the handset you have, select the appropriate theme.

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In Nova Settings you will need to do the following:
  1. Make sure your home screen has 2 pages. If they are more or less, you can remove/add them by tapping anywhere on the home screen and then add/remove a blank screen.
  2. Hide the dock by going into the dock menu and pressing the toggle in the top right of your screen to the off position.
  3. Set App & Widget Drawer to “Swipe to Open”.swip to open drawer nova launcher You can also toggle the Swipe indicator to off if you don’t want the indicator to appear on home screen.swipe indicator nova launcher

You can easily change the background in KLWP, by swiping to the “Background” tab and selecting an image by tapping on the “Pick Image“.

change background klwp

If any icon doesn’t open an app, or you want it to open a different app you can do so by doing the following:
  1. In KLWP, scroll down in the “Items” section to “All Apps”.
  2. Click “All Apps” and select the row number the icon is in.
  3. Tap on the icon that you want the touch function to be changed.
  4. Swipe to the “Touch” section of the icon and there should be a bar with “Launch App”.
  5. Tap on it and then click the “App” bar.
  6. Choose the app you want it to open and then back out and click save at the top of your screen.

The control center on this theme can be triggered by tapping in the area between the dock and the last row of apps. To again go to the home screen from the control center screen, tap on the downward facing arrow on the top of the screen.

I hope you are enjoying using iOS on Android. Feel free to share it on social media. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly notification of new posts by email.

Ahmed Chougle

Ahmed Chougle is a Mechanical Engineering student who loves technology. He has a Diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing a degree in the same field.

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