Interesting Apps That You Should Definitely Try

There are many apps out there in the play store as well as the iOS store. Most of them are rated well and certainly live up to their expectations, whereas some are really good but hardly appear on the list. Today I will try to cover some of these interesting apps which are worth a shot.

Here is the list of interesting apps that are worth a shot :


Luminosity is basically a brain training app that includes various games and exercises to train your brain. It has various exercises that increase your processing speed, improve your memory, attention, problem-solving abilities, and much more. Like all other training apps that I know, this app also has a premium upgrade option. The premium subscription gives you personalized daily workouts, scientific games, and performance tracking. You can also access Luminosity from your PC here.

Star Chart

Ever wondered what lies above those clouds? Stars, planets, constellations, meteor showers, you name it and this app will give it to you. It’s a virtual planetarium in your pocket. It uses state of the art GPS technology to show the stars above you…or even below you. All you have to do is open the app and point it towards anywhere and it’ll show the stars in that area. Curious to know about a star? Just tap on it and this app displays information like its name, distance from earth, brightness, and much more.

Plant Nanny

Are you one of those who forgets to drink water at regular intervals? Say no more, this is just the right app for you if that’s the case. You can enter your weight and your body activity and the app calculates how much water you need to drink every day. The more water you drink, the more the plant absorbs it and grows.


Signal is a messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram which lets you send messages to your friends free of cost. The difference here is that Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol which makes sure that your privacy is safeguarded. Also, Signal does not allow you to take screenshots within the app which is an added bonus. You can also make phone calls and the quality of these phone calls is great. Signal is not yet available for tablets but according to the developers, it will be up and running in the near future. Open Whisper Systems that have partnered with WhatsApp and provide them encryption, are also the same organization that provide encryption for Signal.


Sleepbot is an app that gives you detailed sleep analysis that includes movements, sound graphs, sleep statistics, average sleep time, sleep debt, and much more. Sleepbot also includes information as to how much sleep is necessary for different age groups. It also helps you decide what food you need to eat to get a good night’s sleep as well as the food that you need if you are planning on a long night.

Do try out these apps and let us know which were most useful for you.


Ashutosh Ghodasara

Ashutosh Ghodasara is a blogger from India. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering alongside diploma in photography. Honest, friendly, direct, respectful and patient are some of the words that describe him as a person.

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