Huawei surpassed Apple to gain second place in global smartphone market

As reported by Counterpoint’s latest research from its Market Pulse 2017, Huawei has surpassed Apple consecutively in the months of June and July in global smartphone sales. Huawei had previously claimed to beat Apple in December 2016 however, this is the first time that a well-known research firm puts Huawei ahead of Apple.

Global Smartphone Sales Share %

With the release of the iPhone 8 just around the corner, September 12 to be precise, we can expect it to get real close between these two companies. Also, Huawei’s Mate 10 is said to launch on October 10 in Munich with the newly launched Kirin 970. Coming to the Kirin 970, it’s said to feature an on-device AI and comes with 8 cores. Also, due to the Kirin 970’s heterogeneous computing architecture, it can perform AI computing tasks up to 25× faster with 50× greater efficiency than a quad core Cortex -A73 CPU alone.

Global Smartphone Model Sales Market Share

Counterpoint also released another sales report for the top 10 best-selling smartphones in July 2017. The surprising part here is that not even a single Huawei device is present in this list. That being said, this list is led by Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with Oppo’s R11 and A57 following closely. Samsung has 4 devices namely the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy J7 Prime and Galaxy A5.

Huawei’s weakness is that it does not have a truly popular device and is sales are distributed among all its devices. Another weakness of Huawei is its presence in the Indian, South Asian, and North American markets. Huawei is highly dependent on its home market China and other markets like Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

“While Huawei has trimmed its portfolio, it likely needs to further streamline its product range like Oppo and Xiaomi have done – putting more muscle behind fewer products,”

according to Pavel Naiya, an analyst with Counterpoint.

It’ll be fun to see who leads the list at the end of this year, with Huawei taking down Apple, Samsung is the only one standing between Huawei and the Number 1 spot.

Source : Counterpoint

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