How To Fix Low Storage Space on Android

Most of the phone manufacturers launch their phone with 16GB internal storage as the base model and without the option to expand through external storage. They keep the price difference between two storage option so high that we end up buying the base storage variant.After using your phone for few weeks, you end up getting that annoying not enough space in device storage notification. If you look deep inside your storage, you will find tons of GB’s of your storage being used by those unwanted messaging apps’ so-called ‘funny pictures’. Cleaning these media files manually can prove to be a nightmarish affair. If you are one of those who has a limited storage of 16GB and fights the storage problem every day. We have an app that can solve your storage problem up to some extent with a single tap.

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Magic Cleaner: An App to Fix Low Storage Space

Magic Cleaner to help fix low storage space


Magic Cleaner, a free app from an Indian startup known as Siftr does the job for you with a single tap. It uses deep learning technology to accurately identify all useless images. Magic cleaner also scans those locations in your storage which are usually not shown in the gallery. It can detect memes, quotes, and those so called funny pictures that you get from your WhatsApp friends. Also, it can detect those duplicate selfies that you take before you get the perfect selfie. It also works with other messaging applications like Hike, Telegram, Line, WeChat, and Kakao.

Image showing number of junk photos found in WhatsApp folder

To start analyzing, you simply have to tap on the head of the old man. Even if you have tons of images, analyzing takes just a few minutes. Once analyzing is done, you get the option to choose which photos keep and which ones to delete. It also categorizes all junk photos into different categories.  To delete, all you have to do is tap on the dustbin icon on the bottom right corner. Once deleted, check your storage to be surprised to see how much storage those images were taking.


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