How To Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

Everyone expects their smartphone battery life to last for a day or more after they spend as much as $500+ on their smartphone. Unfortunately, this is not the actual case. Most of the people end up recharging their phones at least two times a day to make it through. Batteries are a very important component of any smartphone as they provide your smartphone with the juice that it needs to operate. Most of the smartphones nowadays come with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries while the other few are powered by Lithium-polymer cells.

There are a number of factors that affect your battery life including network coverage, data connection, installed apps, brightness level, etc. I’ll try to cover as many of these important points in this article as I can.

Turn it off

Yes, if you aren’t going to use your device or are about to go to sleep, turning your phone off is what I would suggest you do. This is probably one of the best ways to save battery. But then again, if you are expecting calls then this is definitely not a good choice.

Turn off vibrate and key tones

People mostly prefer to switch their phone to vibrate mode to give alerts about the incoming calls and messages rather than playing that annoying ringtone (IMO). You might not notice this but the vibrate mode on your phone uses up more battery when compared to ring tones.

GPS, Location services

GPS is one of the major battery suckers in this list. Apps using your location will definitely eat up big chunks of your battery life that will definitely be noticeable. You being the user, have the power to grant these apps the access to use your location or revoke their access. In Settings > Location, you can choose High accuracy when you need it, or Battery saving when you don’t. Many apps would ask you for location access but not all of them actually use it. Be wise and grant only those that actually need it to save your precious battery.

location mode

Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

These two factors also have a major impact on your battery life. Wi-Fi should probably be switched off when you are not connected to any network so as to stop the device from searching for any further networks. Also, you should switch off your mobile data when not in use to save some of your precious juice. Also, switch to Wi-Fi network whenever possible instead of your mobile data. Wi-Fi consumes less battery than your mobile data.

Network Coverage

You might not know it yet but poor network coverage leads to use of more battery life. Yes, whenever you are in an area with bad network coverage, your phone will work hard to try and latch onto a stronger network. This might have an adverse effect on your battery life. You should probably enable the airplane mode on your phone so as to stop it from searching continuously for that network.

Background apps

Some people prefer to keep apps running in their background so as to reduce the waiting time to open an app. However, if you care about your battery more then you should probably clear the recent apps list to stop any background running apps.

Update apps

This might seem unnecessary but many app developers are looking to cut down on their app’s battery usage. Most of them will roll out some updates that will make their app more battery-friendly. Staying updated will definitely help you save some battery if not much.

Battery Saving Modes

If you are running the latest android, then you possibly have come across the power saving mode. What this mode does is that it restricts any background apps and limits the device’s power usage.

To enable battery saver on your device (Android 7.0)

Open Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.

Choose what you’d like to do.

To turn battery saver on or off, tap the On/Off switch.

To have battery saver turn on automatically, tap Turn on automatically, and pick:


at 5% battery”

at 15% battery”

battery saver

When your battery saver is running, your device will run a bit slow as compared to when the battery saver is off but will stay running longer. This mode lowers performance, prevents background sync, and limits GPS access.

Some other ways to save your battery,

  • Switch the screen brightness to auto or keep it as low as possible. Auto brightness is generally more than what one needs so I suggest that you set the brightness level manually.
  • Instead of allowing your phone to search for new emails every now and then, consider changing the refresh rate to 30 minutes or more.
  • Turning off your Bluetooth will also add an hour or so to your battery life.
  • Keep the screen timeout short. If it’s around 2 or more minutes consider getting it down to 15 or 30 seconds to save some juice.

screen sleep time

  • Consider changing your wallpaper if you have a live wallpaper. It might look cool but it also eats up more battery.
  • If your phone has an AMOLED screen (like most Samsung devices), use a dark-coloured background. Black wallpaper can increase battery life because AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels. Black pixels are unlit, and hence black displays require less power to light them up.
  • Disabling animations also help save some battery. The difference is minuscule, but then again, this article is about saving battery …so yeah, consider trying this too. You can do this by accessing your developer options. To enable developer options, go to Settings > About > Build Number (click on it 7 times) and return back to the main settings menu. Developer options will now be visible. Do not play around with the different options in developer options if you are not confident.
  • Install Greenify. Most of the apps out there claim to optimize your performance and battery, but Greenify actually works.Greenify allows you to put apps into hibernation when they aren’t in use, preventing them from running in the background.

Download Link: Greenify

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