Google’s Autodraw helps you turn your scribbles into art!

Drawing, not every one of us is good at it. There are some who draw like professionals, whereas for people like me, drawing is something that is completely out of my league. Google released its new tool named Autodraw which converts your pieces of so-called art into actual art.

What Autodraw actually does is that it pairs machine learning with the different drawings submitted by talented artists to help you create what you want, fast. It’s completely free and works on your tablet, personal computer, smartphone, etc.

You first have to draw what you want, for example, you draw your best version of a cycle or a pizza and the algorithms try to figure out what it is that you’re trying to draw. It then tries to recognize your scribbles and scrawls and then shows you the suggestions above your drawing. You can select the appropriate image from there and Voila!

It also gives you an option to fill the image with a color or add text to it. Shapes such as a rectangle, circle, and triangle can also be drawn by selecting shape tool from the left sidebar.

You can take a look at one of the doodles we made for one of our posts.

Google AutoDraw doodle

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As of now, Google’s Autodraw can guess hundreds of drawings and they plan to add more in the near future. You can head over to Autodraw to try to make your own drawing. Also, if you’re an artist and would like to contribute to this project then you can do so by heading over here.

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