How To Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Free

If you search the internet you will find many online services that provide cloud storage for free. But all these services come with limitations in one way or the other. Cloud storage service like Google Photos provides unlimited backup. But this is limited to photos and videos only. Google Drive, on the other hand, provides backup up to 15GB only. After your free quota gets over, you are either forced to purchase their premium plan or create another account to backup your files. Mega on the hand provides free backups up to 50GB. Is there any service that really provides unlimited cloud storage free of cost? Let’s find out.

Steps to get unlimited cloud storage free:

Telegram Messenger is a messaging app based on cloud which provides unlimited cloud backup on its service. The best thing about it is that it has great cross-platform support. An unlimited number of files can be saved on Telegram but the file size of each file should be less than 1.5GB. Considering most of our files are less than 1.5GB, size limit should not be an issue for most of us. It also allows any file type (.doc, .zip, .mp4, .pdf, .mp3 etc.) to be saved.

 Let’s Take A Look On How To Set Up Your Account And Get Started:

  1. Download the official app based on the platform that you are on.
  2. Enter your mobile number and set up your account.
  3. Tap on the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner.
  4. Tap on the cloud icon or your profile image that comes up.[su_spacer] telegram app for unlimited cloud storage free[su_spacer]
  5. The new chat window that opens is where you chat with yourself. Any file that you upload in this chat will remain there forever so that you can access it later when needed.[su_spacer size=”10″]

    Types of file that you can upload on Telegram

    Types of file that you can upload on Telegram

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  6. To search for the files uploaded, tap on three dots on the upper right corner > Search > Name of the file you would like to search.

[su_highlight background=”#d7ff99″]If you create a private channel, Telegram gives you a custom link to all your uploads which you can share with others. [/su_highlight]

Telegram can prove to be a great app for backing up your important files if you use to

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