Bootloader: Explained

The term “Bootloader” often comes into the scene when you hear someone talking about root. The bootloader is actually a piece of code that runs before any other code on your smartphone, personal computer, etc. The bootloader is a program that loads your OS (operating system) or some other system software. It first runs a few security checks to make sure that everything is genuine. Since it is usually the first software to run after powerup or reset, it is highly processor and board specific.

Every operating system has its own bootloader. Android OS is an open source OS but different manufacturers make different bootloaders according to their own customizations. Bootloaders are usually locked as many manufacturers and carriers want their users to stick to the pre-installed OS. It’s practically impossible to flash Custom ROM’s on your device without unlocking your bootloader as you’ll probably end up bricking your device.

The problem that users face in this scenario is that most of the manufacturers will void your phone’s warranty once you unlock the bootloader. However, there are different manufacturers who provide their users with an option to unlock the bootloaders. No matter how good your phone is, there’ll always be that bit of curiosity to try out something new, something better which is why you should unlock your bootloader.

Should You Unlock Your Bootloader?

Definitely, if you are interested in trying out the new things that are waiting out there then this is the right choice. You need to research a bit on the developer support for your phone, though. Flashing custom ROMs can be a pain in the a** if this is your first time tinkering with an android device. You should probably research for different guides that help you get your phone back to working condition If you brick it. Changing your decision of unlocking your bootloader after reading this? No need to get jumpy as it’s not that hard to unlock it without bricking it.

Another perk of unlocking your bootloader will be that you could upgrade to higher android versions. Only if there are custom ROM’s available online by developers(for your phone).

P.S. – You will lose all your data when you unlock your bootloader so consider backing up the important stuff. Check this site for various rooting guides and How to Unlock your Bootloader tutorials.

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