Bezel Less Phone: The Next Big Thing In Smartphone Industry?

The smartphone industry is moving forward at a fast pace and we have seen a lot of technological advancements in the recent past. Every company is trying to be better at something or the other to stay in the competition. Bezelless phones are the new trend!

Fast charging, edge display, better camera, different build material and design, screen resolution and better screen protection are some of the areas where notable advancements were made. Out of these, camera and screen resolution were on the list of every company in 2016. What will be that one thing that we’ll see on every company’s list?

We saw Xiaomi release its ‘concept phone’, Mi Mix with almost no bezels back in October. Following that we are seeing leaks of major companies showing bezel-less phones. Are Bezel-Less phones the next big thing in smartphone industry?


Mi Mix

Mi Mix with 91% screen to body ratio is a smartphone that everyone has been dreaming for years. But it also has its fair share of good and bad things. Now, Samsung also recently released its new Samsung Galaxy S8 model which is also a bezel-less phone with an 83.6% screen to body ratio. It might not be as much as the Xiaomi Mi Mix but trust me, it looks just as much as a bezel-less phone like the Mix.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Along with Samsung and Xiaomi stepping into the bezel-less arena, LG made sure to keep up with the trend by releasing its latest flagship smartphone G6. G6 also boasts of a bezel-less display with a 78.6% body to screen ratio. Though none of these companies could get as close as Xiaomi to create a bezel-less phone but their devices are worth noticing.


The best thing about a bezel-less phone is that they look stunning and stand out of the crowd. The top of the area that is usually covered with sensors, earpiece, and the front camera is converted into a screen. Xiaomi used “cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” for its earpiece and if we go by the reviews, the call quality was not the best.

The phone is too delicate and cannot be used without a safety cover. It cannot sustain drops off even 1 feet as in this case. You have to use the phone with more care and replacing the screen will definitely dig a big hole in your wallet.

We can say that there is still scope for improvement before bezel-less phones become more common. By seeing more and more companies trying to make the futuristic phone, I’d say that the age of bezel-less phones is just around the corner.

Ahmed Chougle

Ahmed Chougle is a Mechanical Engineering student who loves technology. He has a Diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing a degree in the same field.

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