Get Android O Picture-in-Picture Feature For Android N And Below

With the release of Developer Preview of Android’s latest version O, many new features were announced. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is one of them. This feature allows users to continue to watch a video on a corner of a screen while simultaneously using another app. For example, you can watch videos of your favorite YouTuber while chatting with your friends. Or if you listen to music on Youtube, with PIP you can exit the app and continue to listen to your favorite music.

As you know, new android updates take a lot of time to land on most OEM’s phone. Most of the phones launched in 2016 might not even get an Android O update.

While you wait for Android O to be available for your phone, you can get and test the Picture-in-Picture feature on your existing Android version.

Here is how you can get the picture-in-picture on your existing android version

There are two methods to get picture-in-picture work on your phone. Both need a different app to work.

Method One: FlyTube

FlyTube has been in news since its launch. It was removed from the Play Store after it was found to violate Play Store policy. Don’t worry, the app is available on APKMirror and is updated frequently. Once you downloaded it, give the permission it ask for. In the next step, clear defaults for Youtube app. Also, make sure that open supported link is set to Ask every time. Once done that, try opening a Youtube link and select FlyTube when asked. Some videos like music videos might not work in this app.

Method Two: Telegram

For this method to work, you will need Telegram app on your phone. Telegram is a messenger app with some cool features. You can read about the cool features of Telegram here. To start using Picture-in-Picture on Telegram, share with someone a YouTube link. Tap on the thumbnail to and it will start the video right in Telegram. On the video screen, you will see two small boxes on the upper right corner.

Picture-in-Picture in Telegram

Tap on it and give the permission it asks for. Again tap on the box and the screen will shrink into a small box which can be dragged anywhere. Exit the app and you’ll see that the video continues to play even after exit. Enjoy! Note that Picture-in-Picture on Telegram is available on iOS as well.

You can also watch the below video to get a better understanding of how the trick works.

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