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Ever wondered what an icon pack really is? What is a launcher? How can I make my phone look cooler? If you’re an android user then the above-mentioned words might not be new to you. But some of you might still be hesitant as to what customization can one do to make his android phone look different. Well, for folks like you and others who are bored of customizing it themselves, Google has come up with a new website which customizes your android smartphone for you.

Android Home screens

Google’s new website starts off with a big title saying “There’s a home screen for everyone”. To be honest, I couldn’t agree with you more Google. With this, Google believes that everyone has their own taste and their own different choices. With this website, they’ve made it easier for people to customize their android phones to give it a cooler look.

The first option that you need to select after visiting the web page will be “Find Your Match”. Which will then take you to the next screen where you have to take the “Taste Test.” This is where you’ll have to select some options which will determine your taste or the way you like your stuff to be. After going through the plethora of different choices, Google will then give you a list of 3 home screens with different icon packs and different wallpapers. The wallpaper apps and icon packs will be linked below for installation which makes it easier.


Along with the different wallpapers and icon packs, it’ll also suggest you a new launcher, widget, and a keyboard. However, the only keyboard that it’s suggesting me is the Gboard. Even for those of you who have been doing this for a while, it’s a great way to find out about new wallpaper apps and some new icon packs. Then again, this test won’t be that accurate and the results might not be that satisfying. But, you can always try with some other options to find your perfect match.

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