Amazing Android Hacking Apps That Don’t Require Root

Android Hacking Apps

The word ‘ Hacking ‘ itself sounds cool but when you come to know what its potentials are I’m sure you will lose your mind. Well, hacking nowadays can be done on almost any platform including Android. Most awesome android hacking apps require root but that doesn’t mean all do. In this post, I am going to list 5 Android hacking apps that don’t require root and are amazing.


Here are top 5 Android Hacking Apps which don’t require root and are available on the Play Store –

1 ) Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Have you ever heard of the term Dark Web? Well if not it’s the illegal part of the internet where you can book contract killers, buy drugs and do much more illegal stuff. With Orbot which is like a VPN, you can browse the Dark Web on your Android device. It is the official app from the makers of the Tor browser which also does the same work but on computer. What Orbot does is it encrypts the data and transfer it through different relays present in the tor network making the user anonymous on the internet. While using Orbot make sure you do that with care and after checking all the laws because we are not responsible for you going to prison ;).

Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Download Link: Orbot: Proxy with Tor

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2 ) Fake ID Maker

With this app, you can make anything ranging from a movie ticket to a credit card or an aadhar card. You can easily prank your friends by getting a driving license or a credit card. The app has an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. You have to choose a template from the list, enter the details and you are good to go. The only thing that bothers me is the number of adverts.

Fake ID Maker

Download Link: Fake ID Card Maker

3 ) Temp Mail – Temporary Email

Temp Mail is an app by which is a leading provider of disposable emails. Disposable emails are the emails you could use when you don’t wish to give your permanent email address to someone. Its interface is great too. You will be given an email as soon as you log on to the app like one shown in the image below, you will be given 2 options, either to change it or to go to the mailbox, which will open in a browser. The web version also gives you an option to create your own custom disposable email.

Temp Mail - Temporary Email

Download Link: Temp Mail – Temporary Email

4 ) MaskChat

Well did you ever wanted to stop someone from peeking into your phone? Worry no more, maskchat can help you, it creates a curtain like a thing on your screen while you are chatting on WhatsApp or going through your Facebook feed. You can change the size & transparency of the curtain as well as enable or disable touch over there. It’s a great way of keeping your privacy.

MaskChat Hacking Apps For Android

Download Link: Maskchat -Hides Whatsapp Chat

5 ) Minimizer for YouTube

We all want to play YouTube videos while scrolling through our Instagram feed but we can’t as Google has made it a guideline that any app which minimizes the YouTube video or plays it when the screen is off is forbidden from the Play Store. But the developers of this app found a way out by just creating a browser which can be minimized and we can do our tasks side by side. This comes handy when you want play music on YouTube but don’t want to watch the video.

Minimizer for YouTube

Download Link: Minimizer for YouTube

These are the 5 Android hacking apps that I thought might interest you. Hope you enjoyed that article! Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for Tech Updates. If you know any other app which you think I must feature here, do let me know in the comment section below. Also, subscribe to our Newsletter to receive weekly notification of new posts by email.

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