About Us

Founded in September 2016, Serve Me Tech is driven by tech enthusiasts who cannot be more crazy about technology. Serve Me Tech started as a channel on Telegram where blogs written on telegra.ph are posted in INSTANT VIEW. We have more than 650 members on our channel with many joining every day. Serve Me Tech focuses on Quality than quantity. Serve Me Tech likes to cover things related to smartphones, computers, and everything in between.

About  the Team

Ahmed Chougle (Founder and Editor)

Ahmed Chougle is a Mechanical Engineering student who loves technology. He has a Diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing a degree in the same field.




Ashutosh Ghodasara (Editor)

Ashutosh Ghodasara is a blogger from India. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering alongside diploma in photography. Honest, friendly, direct, respectful and patient are some of the words that describe him as a person.



Kenneth Malunga (Author)

Malunga is a Technology Education specialist from Kenya with focus on technology consulting on a global network and the extensive desire for research in technology. He disseminates a range of product and process information with clarity and concision. He champions for Innovations in ICT and envisions them as the most remarkable inventions of all times.